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This page gives an overview of upstream projects. If you miss information or find mistakes, please edit.


QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.

RISC-V maintainers

  • Alistair Francis (WDC)
  • Palmer Dabbelt (Google)


  • QEMU 6.0.0 (2021-04-29)
  • QEMU 5.2.0 (2020-12-08))
  • QEMU 5.1.1 (2020-08-11)
  • QEMU 5.0.0 (2020-04-28)

RISC-V status

  • RV32GC = RV32IMAFDC is implemented
  • RV64GC = RV64IMAFDC is implemented
  • Privileged and unprivileged instruction specifications are supported
  • RV32E is supported
  • RISC-V specific wiki page: https://wiki.qemu.org/Documentation/Platforms/RISCV
  • Unratified extension support is kept mainline
    • Vector extension v0.7.1

Spike / riscv-isa-sim

Spike, the RISC-V ISA Simulator, implements a functional model of one or more RISC-V harts.

RISC-V status

  • Spike has historically been the proof-of-concept target for all RISC-V extensions (it has recently been superseeded by a SAIL generated simulation)
  • RV32GC = RV32IMAFDC is implemented
  • RV64GC = RV64IMAFDC is implemented
  • Additionally: Zifencei, Zicsr
  • Q v2.2
  • Support for LE and BE
  • Spike is sequentially consistent
  • Machine, Supervisor, and User modes, v1.11
  • Unratified extensions:
    • B (bitmanip) v0.92
    • K (scalar crypto) v0.8.1
    • V (vector) v0.10 with Zvlsseg/Zvamo
    • P (simd) v0.9.2
    • H (hypervisor) v0.6.1
    • Svnapot extension v0.1
    • Debug v0.14

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