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RatPack Name (link to plan)

OwnerRatification Plan Ready DateSpecification Freeze Dateneeds BOD Ratification (y/n)needs TSC approval (y/n)Chairs Review (TSC and BoD notified)Arch ReviewWaivers StatusHC/IC Signoff StatusRatification PlanFrozen & Out for Public Review (Y/N)
ProfilesISA chairs12/14/2021Q1 2022



PlatformsKumar Sankaran, Atish Patra12/17/20214/18/2022yy

Processor Trace (e-trace)Gadge Panesar9/22/202111/29/2021yy


Architectural Test RequirementsAllen Baum


Nexus Trace (control)Robert Chyla


psABIKito Cheng, Jessica Clarke10/7/202110/15/2021yy

SBIAtish Patra10/21/202110/27/2021yy


Debug (Non-ISA Parts)Tim Newsome


AIA (Non-ISA Parts)John Hauser1/2022Q1 2022yy

PLICAbner Chang12/14/202112/21/2021yy

Unified Discovery (Config)Tim Newsome


WatchdogGreg Favor, Anup Patel1/20212/2022yy

ACPISunil VL12/14/2021Q1 2022yy

ACLINTGreg Favor, Anup Patel10/3/202112/21/2021yy

Zero Trust Platform Security Model

Suresh Sugumar, Ravi Sahita

AP-Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)Suresh Sugumar, Ravi Sahita


  1. The Non-ISA Document Ratification Template document and the Non-ISA DoD Checklist Template spreadsheet should be copied as a starting point for all non-ISA documents.  Instructions on how to use it are contained within each document.  Please add tech-admin@riscv.org as Editor.
  2. Individual specification ratification document and spreadsheet need to be placed in the RISC-V folder for riscv members → Topsheets - Ready for Ratification → non-isa ratification plans.  Send an email with links to help@riscv.org to request this move.
  3. For more information on the Non-ISA document ratification process, see the Non-ISA Specification Lifecycle (link TBD), Ratification Policy and the Non-ISA Definition of Done Policy documents. To ask any questions about the document and/or to schedule your Chairs Review for the Plan milestone, contact help@riscv.org.
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