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AsciidocWebsiteInformation about using Asciidocstephano@riscv.org
Benchmark LinksLinksLinks to existing benchmark organizationscto@riscv.org
Chairs Contact ListDocumentList of all working groups, chairs/co-chairs, and statusstephano@riscv.org
Chair's Meeting RecordingsDocumentThese recordings are only available to those members of the tech-chairs list.stephano@riscv.org
Code of ConductDocumentRISC-V Code of Conduct - please read thisjefro@riscv.org
Copyright ConventionsDocumenttbdstephano@riscv.org
Email groups - membersPortalMember portal - working groups email server, hosted via Groups.iostephano@riscv.org
Email groups - publicPortalPublic mailing lists (hosted on google groups) including ISA-DEV and SW-DEV, and other forumsjefro@riscv.org
Extension Development LifecycleDocumentDiagram of the lifecycle of milestones when developing a new extensionjefro@riscv.org
GapsDocumentDocument identifying specification gapscto@riscv.org

Getting started

DocumentHow to work with the RISC-V technical organizationcto@riscv.org
GitHubLinkA link to our GitHub organization.stephano@riscv.org
GlossaryDocumentGlossary of termsstephano@riscv.org
Information directoryFolderhas prior art, glossary, links, content, etc.stephano@riscv.org
Information linksDocumentdocs, repos, videos, etc.stephano@riscv.org
ISA specifications githubLinksget to ISA github repo directly
ISV listResourcesList of ISVs within the RISC-V ecosystemjefro@riscv.org
JiraAdminissue trackingstephano@riscv.org
Opcode and Consistency Review DashboardAdminReview of all proposals - must be completed prior to Freeze. Includes: a review of the specification for clarity and completeness, consistency with the RISC-V ISA and philosophy. Allocates opcodes and state (e.g., CSRs).kdockser@qti.qualcomm.com
Other organizationsLinksother organizations that do work related to RISC-V or ecosystem technology that enables RISC-V members to develop and deploy productsstephano@riscv.org
PoliciesFolderFolder containing all working policies - approved, in process, and tbdstephano@riscv.org
Preferred LicensesLinks

Apache or BSD 2 Clause for code, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 for Text

Prior Art LinksLinksLinks to prior artcto@riscv.org
Shared DriveFolderShared storage for the entire technical communitystephano@riscv.org
Slack space AdminLive messaging for the community - if you are new, add yourself with this linkjefro@riscv.org
SpecificationsLinksOfficial links to approved specificationsstephano@riscv.org
Specification statusDocumentAll working specs and their statusstephano@riscv.org
Task and Interest Groups Github LinksLinksList of links to working group github repos (deprecated)stephano@riscv.org
Tech Groups CalendarAdminhit + button on the bottom right to add to your google calendar. -- IF YOU NEED TO ADD EVENTS Contact stephano@riscv.org --stephano@riscv.org
Tech Leader CalendarAdminhit + button on the bottom rightstephano@riscv.org
Tech Organizational ChartsAdminproposedcto@riscv.org
TSC and Chairs minutes and statusFolderFolder with minutes and status decks for TSC and tech-chairsstephano@riscv.org
Zoom LinksAdminLinks to zoom meetings (scroll to the right)jefro@riscv.org

Using Zoom and Calendar

This is guidance for tech chairs regarding Zoom and calendar entries.


ALL meetings should have someone with host privileges in control, and should be set to 

  • use a password (prevents random zoom bombings)
  • enable people to join before the host (otherwise you won't be able to!)
  • do not record the meeting - keep minutes instead 

When you use a RISC-V zoom account, the account will be zoom+xyz@riscv where xyz is one of the licenses we have allocated. You do NOT need to log in as this user. Instead, join the meeting, then click the Participants panel and in the lower right you should see [...]. Click this and choose CLAIM HOST. Enter the host code to become the host so you can moderate the meeting. Check your email from October 20, 2020 for the host code.


Due to a host of issues reported with the calendar system on the member portal (lists.riscv.org), we are working on migrating all calendar entries to the Tech Groups Google Calendar. If your group hasn't migrated yet, please add it to the calendar and then remove it from your group on the member portal. You can also send mail to help@riscv.org so Stephano or I can help you do it. 

If someone in your group is unable to subscribe to this calendar for some reason, you can add them to the calendar entry directly. Each chair has write permission on that calendar. Just be aware that each invitation has a 200-person limit on direct invitees. 

If you lose the link to the calendar, go to the wiki at https://wiki.riscv.org/display/TECH and look for the link to Tech Groups Calendar.

We have some new information that Outlook may not import the ICS link for this calendar properly - for some people it is being imported as a copy, rather than "subscribed". Microsoft provides some guidance on subscribing to ICS links using Outlook but if you still encounter this problem, let us know - at worst case, we may need to start maintaining multiple calendar entries.

Please also note that subscriptions to ICS links often take up to 24 hours to update, so do not count on them to propagate if you have a meeting change within 2 days of your meeting. Make the change on the invite, but be sure to send email to your group advising them of the change so no one gets lost. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the calendaring system, and it is not a bug we can fix.

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