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Asciidoctor APIsdocumentationWebsiteAPIs for automating aspects of the doc build.elisa@riscv.org
Asciidoc Writers' GuidedocumentationWebsiteIntroduction to Asciidocelisa@riscv.org
Benchmark LinkslinksLinksLinks to existing benchmark organizationscto@riscv.org
Calendars for tech group meetings (ics file)calendarAdminhit + button on the bottom right to add to your google calendar. -- IF YOU NEED TO ADD EVENTS Contact stephano@riscv.org --stephano@riscv.org
Chairs Contact ListcontactsDocumentList of all working groups, chairs/co-chairs, and statusstephano@riscv.org
Chair's Meeting RecordingsmeetingsDocumentThese recordings are only available to those members of the tech-chairs list.stephano@riscv.org
Code of ConductetiquetteDocumentRISC-V Code of Conduct - please read thisjefro@riscv.org
Content RequestsrequestsLinkSend email to RISC-V Content team for web content, collaborative PR, blog posts, etcjefro@riscv.org
Email groups - memberssubscribePortalMember portal - working groups email server, hosted via Groups.iostephano@riscv.org
Email groups - publicsubscribePortalPublic mailing lists (hosted on google groups) including ISA-DEV and SW-DEV, and other forumsjefro@riscv.org
Extension Development LifecycleextensionsDocumentDiagram of the lifecycle of milestones when developing a new extensionjefro@riscv.org
GapsplanningDocumentDocument identifying specification gapscto@riscv.org

Getting started

introDocumentHow to work with the RISC-V technical organizationcto@riscv.org
GitHubrepoLinkA link to our GitHub organization.stephano@riscv.org
GlossarydocumentationDocumentGlossary of termsstephano@riscv.org
Information directoryrepoFolderhas prior art, glossary, links, content, etc.stephano@riscv.org
Information linksURLsDocumentdocs, repos, videos, etc.stephano@riscv.org
ISA specifications githubISVsLinksget to ISA github repo directly
ISV listISVsResourcesList of ISVs within the RISC-V ecosystemjefro@riscv.org
Jirabug reportingAdminIssue tracking for RISC-V International issues - use Github Issues for extension-specific bugs. stephano@riscv.org
Opcode and Consistency Review DashboardoversightAdminReview of all proposals - must be completed prior to Freeze. Includes: a review of the specification for clarity and completeness, consistency with the RISC-V ISA and philosophy. Allocates opcodes and state (e.g., CSRs).kdockser@qti.qualcomm.com
Organizational Charts for technical groupsorganizationAdminproposedcto@riscv.org
Other organizationslinksLinksother organizations that do work related to RISC-V or ecosystem technology that enables RISC-V members to develop and deploy productsstephano@riscv.org
PoliciespoliciesFolderFolder containing all working policies - approved, in process, and tbdstephano@riscv.org
Preferred LicenseslegalLinks

Apache or BSD 2 Clause for code, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 for Text

Prior Art LinkslegalLinksLinks to prior artcto@riscv.org
Shared DriverepoFolderShared storage for the entire technical communitystephano@riscv.org
Slack space messagingAdminLive messaging for the community - if you are new, add yourself with this linkjefro@riscv.org
SpecificationsextensionsLinksOfficial links to approved specificationsstephano@riscv.org
Specification statusstatusDocumentAll working specs and their statusstephano@riscv.org
Technical Working Groups - committees, task groups, SIGscontactsLinksList of links to working group github repos (deprecated)stephano@riscv.orgCalendars for tech group meetings (ics file)calendarAdminhit + button on the bottom right to add to your google calendar. -- IF YOU NEED TO ADD EVENTS Contact stephano@riscv.org --stephano@riscv.orgOrganizational Charts for technical groupsorganizationAdminproposedcto@riscv.org
TSC and Chairs minutes and statusstatusFolderFolder with minutes and status decks for TSC and tech-chairsstephano@riscv.org
Zoom Linksvideo conferencingAdminLinks to zoom meetings (scroll to the right)jefro@riscv.org