Chair:  G. Richard Newell, Associate Technical Fellow, Microchip Technology

Vice-Chair: Ken Dockser, CPU Architect, Rivos Inc.


The Cryptographic Extensions Task Group will propose ISA extensions to the vector extensions for the standardized and secure execution of popular cryptography algorithms.  To ensure that processor implementers are able to support a wide range of performance and security levels the committee will create a base and an extended specification. The base will be comprised of low-cost instructions that are useful for the acceleration of common algorithms. The extended specification will include greater functionality, reserve encodings for more algorithms, and will facilitate improved security of execution and higher performance.   The scope will include symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms and related primitives such as message digests.  The committee will also make ISA extension proposals for lightweight scalar instructions for 32 and 64 bit machines that improve the performance and reduce the code size required for software execution of common algorithms like AES and SHA and lightweight algorithms like PRESENT and GOST, as well as ISA proposals regarding the use of random bits and secure key management.

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Scalar Crypto Standardization Status Summary

Vector Crypto Standardization Status Summary

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