How do I...

Create a repo for some software that has yet to be written?

If you have not already, start a discussion on either sw-dev (for non-members) or the software mailing list (for members). This will help determine if the software you are planning to write has broader community support. Once that support is in place, contact RISC-V staff to create a repository in our software GitHub org.

Move already written software into the RISC-V GitHub org?

First, contact RISC-V staff requesting your software be reviewed. Once reviewed you will need to have your GitHub organizational admin contact contact RISC-V staff so we can move the repository to our GitHub organization.

Build a PDF of my specification?

First off, your repo should have been built based on the RISC-V specification template. If not, contact RISC-V staff.

Second, you need to be the admin of the repository. Again, if you are not, contact RISC-V staff.

If those two items are in place, you can create a branch for your release. Name the release something like V0.1.0 or V1.0-rc1. See GitHub help docs if you don't know how to create a branch. Then to build a PDF:

1. Click the actions tab
2. Click “Build Document PDF” under workflows
3. Click the “Run workflow” dropdown
4. Choose the correct branch and check the box for pre-release
5. Click Run workflow

Assuming the build succeeds you should now have a "pre-release" with the PDF as part of the artifacts.

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