1. This wiki page accesses Google Drive and may require sign-in to Drive to access the documents.
  2. This wiki page also uses a plug-in ("Google Drive for Confluence & Jira") which requires read access to your whole Google Drive.  If you are not comfortable with this or cannot us it, you can access all policies directly in Google Drive at: for risc-v members > policies. Specific policies will be listed in the sub-directory reflecting their state.


Note: All approved policies are shown without comments.  To provide comments for a given document, open it, click on the "Source: link" near the top of the document, and add your comments to the linked document source.  Please note that comments may not be addressed immediately, but may held to be visited as a group a couple times a year.

Being Written

More Information

In case you're looking for a specific policy but are unsure of the state, this folder contains all policies and is a good place from which to search.

This is our Friendly Terminology policy:

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