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Specification nameRatification dateNew extension(s) or Profile(s)
RISC-V ProfilesMarch 2023RVA20, RVI20, RVA22
"Zictr" and "Zihpm" CountersMarch 2023Zicntr, Zihpm
RV32E and RV64E Base Integer Instruction SetsJanuary 2023RV32E/RV64E
“Ztso” Standard Extension for Total Store OrderingJanuary 2023Ztso
RISC-V Wait-on-Reservation-Set (Zawrs) extensionNovember 2022Zawrs
Zmmul ExtensionJune 2022Zmmul
PMP Enhancements for memory access and execution prevention on Machine mode (Smepmp)November 2021Smepmp
RISC-V Base Cache Management Operation ISA ExtensionsNovember 2021Zicbom, Zicbop, Zicboz
RISC-V Bit-Manipulation ISA-extensionsNovember 2021Zba, Zbb, Zbc, Zbs
RISC-V Count Overflow and Mode-Based Filtering ExtensionNovember 2021Sscofpmf
RISC-V Cryptography Extensions Volume I: Scalar & Entropy Source InstructionsNovember 2021Zbkb, Zbkc, Zbkx, Zknd, Zkne, Zknh, Zksed, Zksh, Zkn, Zks, Zkt, Zk, Zkr
RISC-V State Enable ExtensionNovember 2021Smstateen
RISC-V "stimecmp / vstimecmp" ExtensionNovember 2021Sstc
RISC-V Vector ExtensionNovember 2021Zve32x, Zve32f, Zve64x, Zve64f, Zve64d, Zve, Zvl32b, Zvl64b, Zvl128b, Zvl256b, Zvl512b, Zvl1024b, Zvl, Zv
The RISC-V Instruction Set Manual Volume II: Privileged Architecture November 2021

Sm1p12, Ss1p12, Sv57, Hypervisor, Svinval, Svnapot, Svpbmt

"Zfh" and "Zfhmin" Standard Extensions for Half-Precision Floating-PointNovember 2021Zfh, Zfhmin
"Zfinx", "Zdinx", "Zhinx", "Zhinxmin": Standard Extensions for Floating-Point in Integer RegistersNovember 2021Zfinx, Zdinx, Zhinx, Zhinxmin
“Zihintpause” Pause HintFebruary 2021Zihintpause