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Additional RISC-V Documentation

A page of non-specification documents from RISC-V
Architecture ReviewMust be completed prior to Freeze. Also including opcodes and new/changed architectural State approval (e.g., CSRs, data registers). 


ICS File

Google Subscribe Link

See the Calendars, Meetings, & Zoom page for details on how to subscribe.
Code of ConductRISC-V Code of Conduct, based on the contributor covenant.
Getting Started GuideA high level overview of working in the RISC-V community specifically aimed at technical contributors.

GitHub Repo Map

All the RISC-V GitHub organizations and repos.
GlossaryGlossary of terms
PoliciesFolder containing all working policies - approved, in process, and tbd
Google DriveShared storage for the RISC-V community.
Lifecycle GuideA step-by-step guide for RISC-V members wanting to form groups, create specifications, or develop software.
Mailing Lists - Member OnlyRISC-V member mailing list, hosted via Publicly read-only, RISC-V members may post.
Mailing Lists - PublicPublic mailing lists (hosted on google groups) including ISA-DEV and SW-DEV, and other forums.
Recently Ratified ExtensionsConvenient list of recently ratified specs.
Slack space Live messaging for the community - if you are new, add yourself with this link
Software Ecosystem LinksA set of links to related software. Also, check out RISC-V Software Ecosystem for detailed interactions with other communities.
Specification LifecycleDiagram of the lifecycle of RISC-V ISA and Non-ISA specifications. 

Specification Status

Status of specs currently being worked on.
Tech Chairs FolderRISC-V Technical Working Group Chair's Meeting agendas and file storage.
Technical Organizational ChartsRISC-V Technical organization slides describing the reporting structure.

Technical Working Groups

Wiki pages for technical working groups as well as an extensive spreadsheet list.
Vote StatusElection, policy, charter, waiver vote status.