This page contains the single list of of all ratified technical publications.

ISA Specifications

These are the current, published versions of the ISA specifications.  Prior published versions and the original ratification specifications for included extensions can be found on the RISC-V Technical Specifications Archive page.

Note: Recently ratified extensions, but not yet included in the full specifications, can be found on the RISC-V Ratified Extensions page.


These are the current, published versions of the Profiles specifications.

Specification nameVersionPublishedProfile(s)RISC-V CommunitySource Repository
RISC-V Profiles1.0March 2023RVA20, RVI20, RVA22 Profiles SIGriscv/riscv-profiles

Non-ISA Specifications

These are the current, published versions of the non-ISA specifications.  Prior published versions can be found on the RISC-V Technical Specifications Archive page.

SpecificationVersionPublishedUpdatedRISC-V CommunitySource Repository

Efficient Trace for RISC-V

Specifies the signals between the RISC-V core and the encoder, compressed branch trace algorithm, and the packet format used to encapsulate the compressed branch trace information to implement processor tracing.

2.0.3June 2022April 2024SOC Infrastructure Horizontal Committeeriscv-non-isa/tech-trace-spec

RISC-V ABIs Specification

Provides the processor-specific application binary interface document for RISC-V.

1.0November 2022
Application & Tools Horizontal Committeeriscv-non-isa/riscv-elf-psabi-doc

RISC-V Advanced Interrupt Architecture

Describes an Advanced Interrupt Architecture for RISC-V systems.

1.0June 2023
Privileged Software Horizontal Committeeriscv/riscv-aia

RISC-V External Debug Support

Outlines a standard architecture for external debug support on RISC-V platforms.

0.13.2March 2019
SOC Infrastructure Horizontal Committeeriscv/tech-debug-spec

RISC-V Functional Fixed Hardware Specification

Provides additional system specification for RISC-V systems which use Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), specifically for some ACPI object fields of type “Resource Descriptor”.

1.0.0January 2024
Privileged Software Horizontal Committeeriscv-non-isa/riscv-acpi-ffh

RISC-V IOMMU Architecture Specification  

Describes an Input-Output Memory Management Unit (IOMMU) that connects direct-memory-access-capable Input/Output (I/O) devices to system memory.

1.0.0June 2023
SOC Infrastructure Horizontal Committee


RISC-V Platform-Level Interrupt Controller Specification

Delineates the operational parameters for a platform-level interrupt controller on RISC-V.

1.0.0February 2023
Privileged Software Horizontal Committeeriscv/riscv-plic-spec

RISC-V RERI Architecture Specification

Augments Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) features in the SoC with a standard mechanism for reporting errors by means of a memory-mapped register interface to enable error reporting. Additionally, this specification supports software-initiated error logging, reporting, and testing of RAS handlers. Lastly, this specification provides maximal flexibility to implement error handling and coexists with RAS frameworks defined by other standards such as PCIe and CXL.

1.0May 2024
SOC Infrastructure Horizontal Committeeriscv-non-isa/riscv-ras-eri

RISC-V Supervisor Binary Interface Specification

Second publication of the RISC-V Supervisor Binary Interface specification.  It added a debug console, system suspend, nested acceleration, steal-time accounting, PMU snapshot, and various error codes; relaxed counter width requirements on PMU firmware counters; reserved space for firmware events;  and clarified several extensions.

2.0.0January 2024
Privileged Software Horizontal Committeeriscv-non-isa/riscv-sbi-doc

RISC-V UEFI Protocol Specification

Details all new UEFI protocols required only for RISC-V platforms.

1.0.0May 2022
Privileged Software Horizontal Committeeriscv-non-isa/riscv-uefi

Note: If you do not see a specification in the above table, visit the RISC-V GitHub riscv-non-isa organization to see a complete list of all specifications which have been developed or are presently under development.

Compatibility Test Framework

The RISC-V Architectural Compatibility Test Framework Version 3 (RISCOF version 1.X) is now available.

This framework compares two arbitrary models against each other using a reference signature (one of which should be a reference model) and automatically selects tests according to the model configuration.  Because the RISC-V ISA specification allows many architectural implementation choices, a tool (RISCV-CONFIG) has been created to describe implementation configurations.  The RISCOF Framework uses RISCV-CONFIG to select and configure tests.

The current test coverage includes RV[32|64]IMCFD_Zb*_zK*_Zmmul_Zicsr_Zifencei (where * means a lot of sub extensions).  Work continues to expand extensions supported and configurations covered.

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