Welcome to the RISC-V Technical wiki home page!!! 

This page serves as the main anchor point for the most important pieces of technical information for RISC-V. If you're looking for something technical, start here.

Are you new to RISC-V and want to understand how things work?  Start here:

  1. Getting Started Guide

    • Read this first to get a overview of the technical workings of RISC-V | English, Chinese
  2. Lifecycle Guide

    • Follow this step-by-step guide for the key processes to form groups, ratify specifications, and perform software development | English, Chinese
  3. Technical Org Chart

    • View this interactive presentation to navigate the technical groups and find contacts and mailing lists. | English
  4. RISC-V Technical Calendar

  5. Specification Status

    • Bookmark this "dashboard" of active specifications under development | English
  6. Technical Policies

    • Review Approved Policies in Google Drive | Link
    • Find Policies in other states either through a wiki page or Google Drive (direct link)
  7. Technical Newsletter

If you're experienced or looking for more detailed information, please see these pages:

If you cannot find something or have a technical question, please reach out to help@riscv.org.

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